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Archive of presentations

All presentations were made at DAIOP meetings from June 2002 to November 2003. The presentations are archived in Powerpoint (.ppt) or Acrobat (.pdf format).

bulletJune 19th, 2002 Action Learning in Action by Patrick Powaser
bulletSeptember 18th Real World Applications of O*NET by Carol Jenkins
bulletNovember 11th Emotional Intelligence: Construct validity findings by Doug Johnson
bulletJanuary 29th, 2003 e-testing: Developments and Challenges in Selection's Evolution by Joel Quintela
bulletMarch 26th An Executive Summary of the Organizational Change Literature by Terry Halfhill and Joseph Huff
bulletMay 28th Resuscitating Competencies: Bringing competency models to life in leadership development programs by JoAnn McMillan
bulletSeptember 18th Beyond Staffing System ROI: Simulating the Shape of Talent to Come by Tom Janz
bulletOctober 20th Online Innovations to the Behavior Descriptive Interview by Tom Janz
bulletNovember 20th Guiding the Journey to Collaborative Work Systems by Cheryl Harris and Jon Turner
bulletMarch 24th 2004 Leadership Development: The Uphill Battle by Pat Powaser
bulletMay 19th, 2004 Should we be surprised by the abuses at Abu Ghraib by Pete Sorenson
bulletJune 23, 2004 Models for Measuring Enterprise Performance by Bob Frost
bulletSeptember 2004 Practical Issues in the Rating and Observation of Performance by Mark Frame
bulletNovember 18, 2004 Age differences in bosses' performance ratings by Ashley Tipton
           November 18, 2004 Effective Virtual Meetings by Dipti Gupta and Ambika Prasad
bulletJanuary 2005 Dale Thompson's Presentation on Leadership (contact Dale)
bulletMay 2005 Michael McElhenie's presentation on Leadership for Results: Addressing HIV/AIDS with the United Nations. Michael also shared some additional examples of action learning-these are very rich and worth checking out here.
bulletSummer 2006 Mark Morris's presentation on Competencies